Founder's Message


From simple beginnings more than 45 years ago, Al Ashram Contracting has grown to be a mature player in one of the most sophisticated construction markets in the world. We have moved from laying the foundations of a nation using the most basic of construction methods to building for the future by adopting the most advanced technologies.

The construction industry in the UAE will continue to experience double-digit growth until the end of 2016 to US$ 525.6 billion, and Al Ashram Contracting will play a pivotal role in this rise. Our goals are aligned with the strategic visions of developers and governments, and our mission is to deliver solutions that make their ambitions a reality.

During the past four decades we have built up a solid reputation for outstanding work and integrity. We have put savings for the client before short-term profits for ourselves, and established a brand that is trusted and respected for its values rather than its costs.

We continue to work on strengthening our presence in the markets where we operate across the UAE, and creating new opportunities for growth. In this fast-paced industry, we realise the importance of staying at the forefront of technology, sustainability and innovation while constantly adapting and adjusting to changing trends.

Saif Al Ashram