Our Story

Commitment to Excellence, Reliability & Quality

Al Ashram is one of the UAE’s leading construction companies. For more than 45 years we have played a key role in the growth of the UAE and helped to define the skyline of this progressive nation.

From towering skycrapers to complex underground infrastructure projects, we have the capabilities and experience to meet the demands and challenges of projects of varying scale and scope in the ever-evolving construction sector.

Working in the UAE since 1974, Al Ashram Contracting has built up an excellent reputation as a trusted construction partner for key players in the private and public sectors. Our success lies in our commitment to excellence, reliability and quality.

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To continuously deliver refined technical and commercial solutions to our clients that achieve optimised returns on their projects.


To execute projects using the most enhanced building systems that achieve a commercial and time equilibrium for our clients, while preserving the highest safety standards for our employees and the environment.




We remain true to our founding values of fairness and integrity, which underpin our business culture



We deliver on what we promise, without exception, and we can always be relied upon to meet a deadline



We always look for new ideas and improved methods of working to better our performance and delivery



We have a long-standing reputation for our commitment to quality and excellence in all aspects of our business



Heath and safety is our first priority, and we are fully accountable for keeping our employees and the public safe throughout the lifecycle of a project



We conduct our business in an environmentally responsible way that reduces our impact on the environment and benefits the local community